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Construction and Project Management - SAICE

W I N N E R 2 0 0 9 FOR excellence IN MAGAZINEPUBLISHING AND EDITORIALJuly 2010 Vol 18 No 6 Siviele IngenieursweseConstruction and Project Management GCC 2010 ASPIRE to sustainable development Project Managing Planet Future Cause of failure of Massingir Dam Bottom Outlet WorksCOVER ARTICLEC ivil Engineering | July 2010 1 Published by SAICE /sAisiBlock 19, Thornhill Office Park, Bekker Street, Vorna Valley, MidrandPrivate Bag X200, Halfway House, 1685 Tel 011-805-5947/48, Fax de 011 805 5947/8, Cell 083 378 3996editoriAl PANelMarco van Dijk (chairman), Irvin Luker (vice-chairman), Ali Naidu ( SAICE president), Wally Burdzik, Johan de Koker, Jeffrey Mahachi, Jones Moloisane, Hermien Pieterse, Eben Rust, Michelle Theron, Marie Ashpole, Zina Girald, Verelene de Koker (editor), Cathy van der Westhuizen (editor s assistant), Barbara Spence (advertising), Dawie Botha ( SAICE outreach)ANNuAl subsCriPtioN rAteSA (VAT included), International US$ Spence, Avenue 011-463-7940, Fax 011-463-7939 Cell 082-881-3454desigN ANd reProduCtioNMarketing Support Services, Menlo Park, PretoriaPriNtiNgUltra Litho, JohannesburgThe South African Institution of Civil Engineering accepts no responsibility for any statements made or opinions expressed in this publication.

W I N N E R 2 0 0 9 FOR EXCELLENCE IN MAGAZINE PUBLISHING AND EDITORIAL Siviele Ingenieurswese July 2010 Vol 18 No 6 Construction and Project Management


  Project, Management, Excellence, Construction, Construction and project management




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Transcription of Construction and Project Management - SAICE

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