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Flaring - World Bank

Flaring Q u e s t i o n s + A n s w e r sSecond EditionFLARING: QUESTIONS + ANSWERSS econd EditionWriter: Robert D. BottCopyright 2007 by the Canadian Centre for Energy Information, Cataloguing In Publications DataMain entry under title: Flaring Questions + Answers1. Gas industry Canada. I. Bott, Robert, 1945- II Canadian Centre for Energy InformationISBN 1-894348-18-4 ABOUT THIS PUBLICATIONF laring Questions + Answers, a companion publication to Sour Gas Questions + Answers, is produced by the Centre for Energy to explain Flaring , venting and incineration of natural gas in Canada.

Advances in flaring and venting practices Flaring – burning natural gas in an open flame – has long been part of the process for producing






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Transcription of Flaring - World Bank

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