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, ~ .. :' ilizarov Technology DROR PALEY, , . ' HARRY F. KOVELMAN, ; j:OHN E. HERZENBERG, , .' '. ':::'}' n 1951, Professor Gavriil Abramovich ilizarov from Kurgan in the 80- '/,;, :viet Union developed a circular external flxator forthe treatment of . fractures (Fig 1); Dilling the next decade, ilizarov discovered the tech- , , -niques 'of physeal distraction, corticotomy lengthening, bone transport, and many others. The common basis for all of these methods he called "the, theory of tension stress?" Z Through controlled, mechanically applied tension stress, ilizarov was able to show that bone and soft tissue can be made to regenerate in a reliable and reproducible manner.

Ilizarov Technology 245 ·FIGURE2. Ilizarov apparatus with multilevel, multiplanar, multidirectional wire fixation. (From Paley D, Rumley TO, …






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