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MC9200 Configuration & Accessories Guide

MC9200 SeriesEMC Configuration and Accessories GuideDesigned to assist customers and partners with model and Configuration guidance*January Series Configuration Series AccessoriesContentsForm FactorMC9200 Configuration GuideMC9200 Thirdparty Accessories : SeriesFind Product Information in the EMC Product Portfolioon The Sourceand PartnerPortalCONFIGURATION & ACCESSORY GUIDES are available on The Sourceand PartnerPortalFor access to additional product information including this Guide , please All MC9200 configurations are backward compatible with all existing Accessories including: Cradles, Holsters and CablesPartner GatewayCONFIGURATION OPTIONS: MC92xx OPTION DESCRIPTION Radio Option MC92N0-xxxxxxxxxxx NWLAN a/b/g/nForm Factor MC92N0-GxxxxxxxxxxGGunData Capture options (Scanner)MC92N0-GAxxxxxxxxx ASE965 1D Standard range laserMC92N0-GJxxxxxxxxx JSE1524ER LoraxLong Range LaserMC92N0-G3xxxxxxxxx 3SE4500 Blockbuster Imager (EOL)MC92N0

WAN Carrier options MC92N0-Gx0xxxxxxxx 0 None Display MC92N0-GxxSxxxxxxx S Color 3.7” Diagonal (640 x 480 pixels) w/ Touch Memory options MC92N0-GxxxXxxxxxx X 512 MB RAM / 2 GB Flash (Standard Model Config) MC92N0-GxxxYxxxxxx Y 1GB RAM / 2 GB Flash (Premium Model Config) Product Feature: User Input/Keyboard MC92N0-GxxxxAxxxxx A 28 Key …




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