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Re-engineering Indian health care - EY

Re-engineering Indian health care Empowered patient (consumer), enhanced outcome and efficient business September 2016. Foreword Disruptive and innovative technologies are revolutionizing how healthcare is delivered today in India and has brought in a tremendous growth to the sector. We have seen a 15 % growth in CAGR for health sector since 2011, which is expected to reach USD 280 billion by 2020. However, providing access to quality healthcare for billion plus population is a huge challenge that the country has to deal with. Our total health spend is only ~ of GDP and out of pocket expenditure (OOP) is 62% of the total health spend. This is very high when compared to other countries such as Brazil 25%, China 32%, South Africa 6%, USA 11%, UK 9%. As India joins many other nations in debating how best to reform the health care sector, it is critical that we engineer these reforms very thoughtfully.

Re-engineering Indian health care: Empowered patient (consumer), enhanced outcome and efficient business 2 In recent years, health care has been a subject of much debate and discussion across the globe — more specifically in …


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