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TECHNICAL INFORMATION Touchtronic Clothes Washers

2004 Miele TECHNICAL INFORMATION Touchtronic Clothes Washers Includes: W1113, W1119, W1203, W1213, W1215 This page intentionally left blank. Touchtronic Washers Table of Contents A WARNING and SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS B MODIFICATION HISTORY C TECHNICAL DATA D LAYOUT OF ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS 010 CASING, FRONT PANEL and LID 1 TECHNICAL Data 11 2 Function 11 3 Fault Repair 11 4 Service 12 Lid Removal 12 Plinth Removal 12 Front Panel Removal 12 Side Panel Removal

030 SUDS CONTAINER, DRUM, BEARING and HEATER ELEMENT (continued) 2.4 Imbalance Sensor 23 3 Fault Repair 24


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Transcription of TECHNICAL INFORMATION Touchtronic Clothes Washers

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