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Finish Chart - abs-abs.com


611 US9 Bright bronze, clear coated Bronze Polished Bronze 612 US10 Satin bronze, clear coated Bronze Brushed/Satin Bronze 613 US10B Dark oxidized, satin bronze, oil rubbed Bronze Duro, Duranodic ... 1DM Black-bright brass bearings & tips 2C Zinc plated, commercial 2CD Brushed zinc plated 2D Brass tone dichromate 3LB Light brass 9A Bright ...

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bronze valves and fi ttings. Bronze has a higher strength than pure copper, is easily cast, has improved machinability, and is very easily joined by soldering or brazing. Bronze is very resis-tant to pitting corrosion, with general resistance to most chemi-cals less than that of pure copper. SILICONE BRONZE — Silicone bronze has the ductility of

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SKF bushings, thrust washers and strips


Jan 31, 2008 · SKF solid bronze bushings are made of a multi-component bronze, CuSn7Zn4Pb7-B, which has very good sliding properties . All surfaces of a solid bronze bushing are machined . Main applications1) SKF solid bronze bushings are intended for oscillating movements in both the radial and axial directions . SKF solid bronze bushings


Jenkins Iron Valves - cranecpe.com


its pressure rating. All valves designated as Class 125 and 250 comply with MSS SP-70 Industry Specifications. Bronze trimmed valves are recommended for steam, water, air and non-corrosive oil or gas. All have bronze screwed-in seat rings and the discs are solid bronze in sizes 3" (80 mm) and smaller. In larger sizes, bronze

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954 Aluminum Bronze - Morgan Bronze


C 954 Aluminum Bronze is the most popular of Aluminum Bronze alloys, providing high tensile and yield strength, good ductility, weldability and machinability, excellent resistance to wear, fatigue and deformation under shock and load. It exhibits excellent corrosion resistant properties. This alloy and most of the alloys in this

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19 -- Plunger Bronze 1 20 -- Plunger Spring Phosphrous Bronze 1 21 -- Plunger Guide Bronze 1 22 -- Pin Hole Plug Assembly 1 23 * Pin Hole Gasket Cap Garlock 1 24 -- Catch Brass 1 25 -- Weight Cast Iron 1 26 -- Weight Handle Brass 1--Indicates replacement part not available * Indicates replacement part only available in a Sub-Assembly, as ...


Reading the Pump Nameplate


K = Intermediate bearings are bronze R = Shaft or sleeve made of 904L SS S = Silicon Carbide intermediate bearing/Teflon® seal T = Titanium X = Special product Z = Pumps of bronze, components of cast bronze Code for Rubber Parts in Pump (Excludes CR[N,X] 2, 4, 8, 16) E = EPDM F = FXM (Flouraz) K = FFXM (Kalrez) P = NBR (Nitrile)

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GGB DU and DU-B - Plain Bearings, Self-lubricating ...


backing strip and a porous bronze matrix, impregnated and overlaid with the PTFE/ lead bearing material. Fig. 3: DU Microsection DUB DUB also consists of three layers, with a bronze backing replacing the steel backing strip. The structure is otherwise the same as that of DU. The bronze backing provides a high corro-sion resistance, anti ...

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Crane also manufactures bronze ball valves, iron wafer and lug butterfly valves, bronze and iron gate globe and check valves, and alloy valves. Brochures and catalogs are available on request. Index FIGURE NO. VALVE TYPE PRESSURE CLASS CONNECTIONS SIZE RANGE PAGE NO. 47 Gate Valve 150 Flanged 2" – 24" (50 – 600 mm) 7 47½ Butt-Weld 33 Gate ...

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JIS VALVE & FLANGEworldwidemetric.com PRODUCT ...


Bronze Bronze Brass FC20 BC6 BC6 C3771BD Manufactured in accordance to JIS F7400 Flanges as per JIS B2220 -5K SERIES F7305 - JIS 5K Cast Iron Globe Valve SERIES F7353 - JIS 5K Cast Iron Globe Valve (SDNR) Nominal Test Pressure MPa [kgf/cm2] Diameter Body Seat 300 or less 1.03 [10.5] 0.76 [7.7] 350 and 400 0.88 [9] 0.65 [6.6] Series F7305 Series ...

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Special Bronze Bronze 410 (CR13) ... 1 API lists as obsolete but still used in the valve industry. (Trim# 1 is still used for API600 gates as well as globe & check valves). Trim #4 replaces Trim #1. Also, even though API no longer references trim# 2, for API603 gate, globe & check, (and in some commodity API600 gate valves in lower classes and ...

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roulements www.metaux-detail.com Tél : Fax : J.S . COMPOSITION CHIMIQUE DES BRONZE Alliages Cu Sn Pb Zn Fe Ni Al Mn Si CuSn5 SOLDE 6 6 6 0.3 2 0.01 0.01 CuSn7 SOLDE 6.5 -7 6.3 -6.5 2.8 -3.2 0.20 0-0.50 TRACES CuSn10Pb10 SOLDE 11 11 2 0.25 2 0.01 0.01 ...

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Enamel Paints - d63oxfkn1m8sf.cloudfront.net


Bronze Green 75 AA0802 Wine 73 AA0792 Khaki Drill 72 AA0847 Uniform Green 76 AA0816 Linen 74 AA0967 Steel Grey 87 AA0864 Cockpit Green 78 AA0878 Blue Grey 79 AA0881 ... Brass 54 AA0607 Bronze 55 AA0610 Aluminium 56 171 191 222 AA6392 Metallic Black 201 AC5008 Aluminium AC5011 Polished Aluminium AC5025 Polished Steel AC5039

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Chemical Resistance Guide - Val Matic


Aluminum Bronze is the most widely accepted disc material used in many valves for liquid service. Aluminum bronze is heat treatable, is lead free and has the strength of steel. Formation of an aluminum oxide layer on exposed surfaces makes this metal very corrosion resistant.

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Aluminium bronze CuAl10Fe2-C EN CC331G Nickel aluminium bronze CuAl10Fe5Ni5 EN CC333G Comparable with BS 1400 AB2 Ductile iron NYL GJS-400-15 EN JS-1030 NYL = Nylon coating, max. temp. 60°C Ductile iron CTD GJS-400-15 EN JS-1030 CTD = Epoxy coated, max. temp. 120°C Shaft 431 stainless steel X17CrNi16-2 EN 1.4057 Similar to ASTM A276/Gr. 431

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CCF T3 sciences - physiquemaths.fr


fixent la statue en bronze se sont couvertes de rouille. 1- En vous aidant de l’annexe, expliquer ce que sont le bronze et l’acier. Quelle est leur composition ? 2- Quels sont les deux principaux métaux mis en présence ? 3- Indiquer lequel des deux métaux sera corrodé et pourquoi.

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Single-gang - Eaton


2” 16.0 Bronze 25 43.8 TP7150 5 - 3/ 4” 16.0 Gray 25 44.8 TP7154 5 - 3/ 4” 16.0 White 25 44.8 TP7153 5 - 3/ 4” 16.0 Bronze 25 44.8 Round boxes Features: • Durable die cast aluminum construction for long product life • Powder paint finish for corrosive environments • Pre-installed ground screw • Tapered NPT hubs

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The Song of Achilles


dust and dark bronze bowls. It went quietly to its death, a good omen for the games to come. The runners are gathered before the dais where my father and I sit, surrounded by prizes we will give to the winners. There are golden mixing bowls for wine, beaten bronze tripods, ash-wood spears tipped with precious iron. But the


SKF composite plain bearings


bearings also have a sheet steel backing that is covered with a 0,2 to 0,4 mm thick layer of sintered tin/bronze († fig. 2). The principal characteristic of these bearings is their rela-tively thick (0,3 mm) layer of acetal resin (POM – polyoxymethylene) that is firmly attached to the sintered tin/bronze layer. The covering

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MSS-SP-80 Bronze Gate, Globe, Angle and Check Valves MSS-SP-97 Integrally Reinforced Forged Branch Outlet Fittings-Socket Weldings, Threaded and Buttwelding Ends MSS-SP-110 Ball Valves, Threaded, Socket Welding, Solder Joint, Grooved and Flanged Ends MSS-SP-53 Quality Standard for Steel Castings and Forgings for Valves, ...

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Tapping Sleeve Brass Saddle Catalog - Ford Meter Box


bands . Brass saddles are cast of 85-5-5-5 waterworks brass . The popular S70 and S90 series feature a hinged design and the 101B and 202B series incorporate silicon bronze straps or optional stainless steel bands . Tapping sleeves of fabricated steel and stainless steel complete the Ford line of tapping devices . Tapping sleeves having a

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Phase Diagrams and Phase Separation - University of Cincinnati


Metal alloys e.g. steel, bronze, brass–. Polymers e.g. rubber toughened systems. Can either get complete mixing on the atomic/molecular level, or phase separation. Phase Diagrams allow us to map out what happens under different conditions (specifically of concentration and temperature). Free Energy of Mixing Entropy of Mixing nA atoms of A

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L&T Valves Aquaseal Butterfly Check Valves


L&T Valves L&T Valves Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of L&T and one of the ... 600 mm (24”), in PN 10 pressure rating. The valve was developed to provide reliable sealing in water and air lines, and is today the industry benchmark. ... Bearing Acetal, PTFE, Phosphor Bronze Valves in other materials available on demand Aquaseal 16 ...

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KITZ PN Rating Valves


KITZ PN Rating Valves Bronze & Brass Valves 01 02 CONTENTS Valve type Fig. No. Page 03 03 03 04 04 05 05 05 06 06 06 07 07 07 KITZ “K-Metal”: Unique ...

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multi-metals stockholder


of aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass and bronze in all semi-finished forms. Aalco’s stock covers a wide range of grades/alloys, shapes and sizes - both industry standards and special or bespoke items for particular applications or individual customers.

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2013 - Brighton Best International


Bronze 018 Socket Head Cap Screws Nickel-Copper Alloy. 3 Flat Socket Cap Screws PRODUCT SIZE / RANGE Diameter Min. Length Max Length #0 1/8 1 #1 1/8 1 #2 1/8 1 #3 3/16 1 ... 230 Brass (Inch) 3/4 Taper 232 Stainless Steel 18-8 (Inch) Dry Seal 3/4 Taper Visit us today at www.brightonBEST.com. 8 Dowel Pins PRODUCT SIZE / RANGE

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RJ45 Connectors - farnell.com


2 nickel aluminium bronze dgs 1043/nes 833 3 brass cz 121 4 stainless steel 303 s31 44 stainless steel 304 46 stainless steel 316 5 h.d.h.c copper ca 104 6 stainless steel nut / aluminium body 7 black acetal 73 peek gl30 74 ultem 2300 (30% glass filled) note: please contact sales office for materials not listed above plating code plating ...

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Worcester Controls Product Catalog - Flowserve


conventional ball valves • Suitable for Steam processes including veg- etable peelers, Steam ejectors, Distilleries, and more. Sizes • 3˝ to 6˝ • ASME 150# and 300# class • Rated at 720 CWP Materials • Bronze • Carbon Steel • Stainless Steel • Ductile iron Get more information: Product brochure: • WCABR1041 IOM:

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English–Old Norse Dictionary - York University


bow almr bow bogi bow (v) lu/ta bow_string bogastrengr bow_string ho,rr box kista box skokkr 18. boy sveinbarn boy sveinn boy sveinstauli brain heili branch kvistr ... bronze eir brook lOEkr brother bro/DHir 20. brother_in_law ma/gr buck bokki bucket bytta build (v) smi/DHa building gørDH building smi/DH built go,rr bull griDHungr


Leakage Acceptance Rates Comparison ... - Global Supply Line


Bronze gate, globe & check valves are usually only tested per MSS SP-61 ‘Pressure Testing of Steel Valves’. ‘Pipeline Valves’ such as trunnion mounted ball valves, pressure balanced lubricated plug valves and pipeline slab gate valves are tested to API6D - ‘Pipeline Valves’. API6D now references ISO 5208 leakage rates.

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Detailed ...


percent; Silver – 70 percent; and Bronze – 60 percent. A less costly catastrophic-only plan will be offered to individuals under age 30 and to others who are exempt from the individual responsibility requirement. American Health Benefit Exchanges. By 2014, each state will …

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CROSS REFERENCE GUIDE: 200/7000 to UPS/TP ... OPEN SYSTEMS (Stainless Steel or Bronze Construction) UP15-10B5 006B ST10B , SF15B SM202B UP15-10B7 NBF 12/22 ASTRO 30B SM303B UP15-18SU NBF 12/22U UP15-18SF

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The History of Kraft Foods Inc.


Early company specialties were “Old World” sausages and Westphalian hams, soon ... Scotland at the age of 19 in the year 1848. He had apprenticed to the baking business in Turriff, Aberdeenshire for four years and, ... Centennial Exhibition with samples of his biscuits and returned with silver and bronze . medals. This was just the first of ...

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Glass and Glazing - Milgard


These include Solar Cool Bronze and Solar Cool Gray. Please check with your Milgard Representative on availability of these and other reflective products. NOTE: Heat absorbing and heat reflective glass can only be used on the exterior lite of a glazing unit, to avoid a build-up of heat inside the airspace, which will cause ...

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Stick Consumable Charts - Global Industrial


1440-0401 Bronze Bare Brazing Rods, 3/32" diameter x 14" long; Requires brazing flux 4 1440-0402 E4043 Aluminum Welding Electrodes, 1/8" diameter x …

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Drilling Speeds and Feeds - University of Florida


Aluminum and its alloys 250 Brass 250 Bronze (high tensile) 100 Cast Iron (soft) 100 Cast Iron (medium hard) 80 Cast Iron (hard chilled) 20 Hastelloy 20 Inconel 25 Magnesium and its alloys 300 Monel 25 High nickel steel 50 Mild steel (.2-.3 C) 100 Steel (.4-.5 C) 60 ...

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Furniture Materials and Characteristics


aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, iron Metals can be strong depending on their weight and construction methods. Stainless steel resists rusting. Other metals may need coatings or finishes to prevent rusting or oxidation. Coatings will affect the look and rust resistance and durability of surface. Usually easy to care for.

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Backflow Prevention - Watts


1⁄2" – 2" Double Check Valve Assemblies w/Union End Ball Valves ... Lead Free Transition With the changeover to lead free in the United States that became effective January 4, 2014, lead free backflow prevention ... Trim: Bronze Elastomers: Nitrile …

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Capitalization Glossary1 - Liberty University


Bronze Age church age Iron Age Stone Age Almighty God ... Biblical, and Early Christian Studies (Peabody, MA: Henrickson Publishers, 1999), 154-65. 2 …

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Prehistoric Age- People discovered fire, developed paper from plants and forged equipment or weapon through stone, bronze, copper and iron. 2. Industrial Age- People used the power of steam, developed machine tools, established iron ... circuits and the early large scale computers (through vacuum tubes, transistors and integrated circuits). In ...

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The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction


authenticity. Chemical analyzes of the patina of a bronze can help to establish this, as does the proof that a given manuscript of the Middle Ages stems from an archive of the fifteenth century. The whole sphere of authenticity is outside technical—and, of course, not only technical—reproducibility.2 Confronted

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Introduction to Furniture Design


Godoy (2004). This chair was awarded a Bronze Leaf at the International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa 2005 in Asahikawa, Japan. Photography courtesy of John Curry, GODOYLAB, 2005. cc01.indd 201.indd 2 118/09/12 10:11 AM8/09/12 10:11 AM

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Conception des pièces moulées - Technologue Pro


La gamme des matériaux à mouler est très étendue, les principaux alliages utilisés sont les fontes, les aciers, les alliages de cuivre, aluminium, zinc, magnésium, plomb, etc. Le tableau ... Etain Sn 232 7,28 Bronze Cu+Sn 900 7,8-8,5 Fer Fe 1535 7,95 Fonte Fe+C 1230 7,2 ...

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Ball Valves - KITZ


Cast Iron 3-Way Ball Valves 36 Bronze Ball Valves 36 Construction and Materials (Flanged Floating Ball Valves) 37 Design Features (Λ-Port Control Valves) 50 ... KITZ Ball Valves KITZ ball valves are manufactured under the same quality system designed according to ISO 9001, no matter where they are produced.

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GRUNDFOS All product brochure - pumpfundamentals.com


Valve, 115V, Hot Water Tank Fittings and 1 valve • Additional Comfort Valves are packaged in multiples of 15 small up, ups open systems Stainless steel and bronze wet-rotor, in-line, single stage, circulator pumps technical data Flow, Q: 0 to 46 gpm Head, H: 0 to 32.5 ft Fluid temp. UP15: min. 36°F (2°C)

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Proven souloti ns to opmti zie your plant’s performance


• Solenoid Valve Series 551, Series 8210, & globe valves Series 290 • Corrosion resistant: 316L stainless steel body Technologically advanced to meet the most rigorous standards, our aseptic valves can be ... • Straight-through body design is available in bronze or stainless steel

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Prehistoric Britain - British Museum


Early Bronze Age people buried their dead beneath earth mounds known as barrows, often with a beaker alongside the body. These barrows became more elaborate in size and shape up to about 1600 BC. The barrows were usually built near older stone, earth and timber monuments such as Stonehenge and Avebury to form ceremonial landscapes.

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Summary of Benefits and Coverage: What this Plan Covers ...


Summary of Benefits and Coverage: What this Plan Covers & What You Pay For Covered Services Coverage Period: 01/01/2022 – 12/31/2022 : Blue Choice Preferred Bronze PPOSM 201 Coverage for: Individual/Family | Plan Type: PPO Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, a Division of Health Care Service Corporation, a Mutual Legal Reserve Company, an Independent …


Statement of Purpose (MIT) - Stanford University


Bronze Age city destroyed by earthquakes around the 17th century B.C. I developed a two-stage processing pipeline for this purpose. In the first stage, I used an interactive program to trace detailed fragment boundaries in high-resolution images of …

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Topic Planning Year 3


b.Bronze Age religion, technology and travel, for example, Stonehenge c.Iron Age hill forts: tribal kingdoms, farming, art and culture that we will be covering each of these in further detail during the term. Introduce the idea of a timeline to children, explaining how we often use timelines in history to put things in


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