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NYC Cross Connection Backflow Prevention Handbook


The term “Cross-Connection Control” is referring to backflow prevention. A cross-connection is an arrangement of piping which could allow undesirable water or contaminants to enter the potable water system as a result of backflow due to a backpressure or backsiphonage situation. All cross-connections

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Fire Hydrant Inspection and Maintenance


BACKFLOW PREVENTION REQUIREMENTS Anytime a public or privately-owned hydrant is used for purposes other than fire suppression, flushing, or flow testing, a backflow prevention device must be used to protect the City water system. The Water Division has backflow prevention devices that can be installed by City personnel.

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Drinking Water Distribution Exam Expected Range of Knowledge


Cross-Connection and Backflow Devices D1 - D5 Knowledge of conditions that cause backflow D1 - D5 Knowledge of available backflow prevention methods D1 - D5 Knowledge of “back-pressure” and “back-siphonage” conditions . Expected Range of Knowledge for Drinking Water Distribution Exam 4

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and evaluate backflow prevention assemblies; and B. Adheres to the testing and certification procedures set forth in the American Water Works Association Standards; and C. Is independent of any backflow prevention assembly manufacturer; and D. Performs one (1) year field evaluation in addition to laboratory testing. 1.01.22 Backpressure

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Individual License and Certification Regulations


Backflow prevention device work” means work performed by a backflow prevention device worker as defined in § 54.1-1128 of the Code of Virginia. “Building official/inspector” is an employee of the state, a local building department or other political subdivision who enforces the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code.

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Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems Handout 7-15-11


All fire sprinkler systems will require a pressurized tank that will hold at least 15% of the total required fire flow. ... Is there a requirement for a special check valve or backflow prevention device for residential fire sprinklers. ... pressure backflow device will place severe design constraints in supplying adequate water ...

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Regulation 61-58 State Primary Drinking Water Regulations


personal possession of or whose employer owns a backflow prevention assembly test kit. This person provides the service of testing backflow prevention assemblies to the general public. (b) Inspector Tester -any person with the same qualifications as the General Tester, except the

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"Reduced pressure zone, backflow preventer" means a device designed to prevent backflow consisting of two spring loaded check valves with an intermediate reduced pressure zone that drains to the atmosphere by a relief valve, with a reduced pressure maintained in the intermediate zone by means of a pressure differential valve.

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if the backflow preventer is installed on the suction side of the pump, the annual fire pump test will also serve as a flow test for the backflow preventer the fire department connection may be used as a test connection by reversing the check valve and flowing water out of the FDC.

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511-3 backflow preventer assembly double check type 512-3 backflow preventer assembly reduced pressure type 51 &3 electrical pull box 5143 irrigation controller enclosure 515-3 pipe pinning 517-3 swing joint assembly 518-3 tree staking 519-3 tree well 520-4 tree planing 521-3 pressure regulator installation 522 root pruning

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Duramax LBZ and LMM P0087 Low Fuel Pressure code


The direct answer in most cases: Injectors. Simply put, the backflow or return rate is excessive so the pump does not keep up and rail pressure drops. Our testing of suspect injectors has shown backflow rates of 2x the factory spec or more. GM has issued a document PI0474 identifying excessive clearance wear caused by dirt and debris as the cause.

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Specifications - Moen Incorporated


• The backflow protection system in this device consists of two independently operating check valves, a primary and a secondary which prevent backflow WARRANTY •etime limited warranty against leaks, drips and finish defects to the original homeowner Lif ... 6/20/2017 9:00:42 AM ...

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The Water Regulations Solutions Specialist - Arrow Valves


5 backflow protection via integral AB air gap. Consists of an electric shower and booster pump package. Model CSABATLF meets BEAB Care Mark requirements as being safe for use by elderly, young or sick. Ideal for a special needs shower in schools etc. Backflow Prevention Products BTAB DUTY STANDBY BTAB5-8A BTAB5-8A, Variable Speed Dual Pump

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Public Utilties Handbook - 2014 Edition


Backflow Assembly: An approved effective assembly or method used to control backflow from occurring in the potable water supply. The type of assembly required shall be based on degree of hazard, existing or potential. An assembly is testable in a line to its utilization and is unaltered from the manufacturer’s configuration.

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SYSTEM 2000® FRONTIER - Energy Kinetics


5 Principle of Operation - Energy Manager 18 15 Zone Manager Installation Instructions ... If antifreeze is used, a reduced pressure backflow preventer device shall be used. INSTALLER NOTE: ... backflow preventer, and all other devices must be piped to the nearest drain to avoid damage in the event the valve is actuated.

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GUIDELINES FOR Building Permits - Washington, D.C.


Framing plan, cross sections and details showing all wall stud ... Connections and sizes of emergency/stand-by generator Size of motors ... backwater values, backflow preventers and other water control equipment Water pipe calculations Jacuzzi/whirlpool tub

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What is Public Water System?


$ Cross connection program and annual backflow device testing (from Title 17, §7583-7605) $ Licensed water treatment operator and distribution staff (§64413.1-64413.7) $ Written procedures for system maintenance, for example pipeline break procedures, etc.

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• Makes retrofitting a check valve for backflow prevention quick and easy Coppersetters place meters 7" or more above the service line . Linesetters place meters 3" above the service line . We offer a wide variety of valve and service line connections . Resetters attach to old meter connections to raise and improve meter settings .

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pressure of a reclosing pressure relief device. Backflow Preventer: a part or a feature of a pilot operated pressure relief valve used to prevent the valve from opening and flowing backwards when the pressure at the valve outlet is greater than the pressure at the valve inlet. II. TYPES OF DEVICES Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

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Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of ...


Backflow preventer Chapter 13 Check valves Chapter 13 Control valves Weekly (sealed) Chapter 13 Control valves Monthly (locked, supervised) Chapter 13 Deluge valve 10.2.2, Chapter 13 Detection systems NFPA 72 Detector check valves Chapter 13 Drainage Quarterly 10.2.87 Electric motor 10.2.98, Chapter 8

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Specialized Training Providers - California


Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Course (40 hour course) X Cross-Connection Control Program Specialist Course (40 hour course) X COLLEGE COURSES ANTELOPE VALLEY COLLEGE (LANCASTER) DWT WSP SUPPL. Phone: (661) 722-6300 Website: avc.edu WDTO 101 Applied Water Treatment and Distribution Math ...

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Regulator’s Copy Serial No A 000001 NOTICE OF WORK for ...


o Install, alter, disconnect or remove a backflow prevention device o Other PLUMBING WORK TO COMPLY WITH o AS/NZS3500 o ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION o COMBINED WORK OF SANITARY PLUMBING/DRAINAGE AND SUPPLY DRAINAGE PLAN Give full description of work carried out o Carry out work of sanitary plumbing/drainage o Connection to Sewer

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Fire sprinkler systems for domestic and residential ...


Residential sprinkler systems consist of a water supply, backflow prevention device (e.g. check valve), stop valve, priority demand valve (where required), automatic alarm system and pipework to sprinkler heads. The sprinklers are fitted at specified locations, the appropriate sprinkler type being used for each location.

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2022-23 Statewide Flooding and Sea Level Rise Resilience Plan


Stormwater Backflow Preventer Installation Program $540,541 $200,000 $30,000 $70,000 $100,000 Martin County Martin Twin Rivers Park Shoreline Stabilization $1,724,000 $862,000 $65,000 $797,000 Martin County Martin Golden Gate Stormwater Treatment Area (STA) North Outfall Flood Mitigation $375,000 $180,000 $30,000 $150,000

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Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Cover Sheet


2.8 T Backflow Preventer Assemblies 13.6.2 2.9 T Small Hose Connections* w/PRV Hose Valves – Partial Flow Test 2.10 T PRV – Fire Sprinkler Systems 2.11 T Pressure Gauges - Calibration 5.3.2 2.12 T Small Hose Connections* * Small hose connections are hose valves and optional hose supplied by the fire ...

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Outdoor Tankless Water Heater Installation and Operation ...


supply system, such as one having a backflow preventer in the cold water supply line, means shall be provided to control thermal expansion. ontact the water supplier or local plumbing inspector on how to control thermal expansion. Type of installation • …

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Vacutainer CPT


Correct Position of Patient’s Arm and Tube Assembly to Reduce the Possibility of Backflow Tourniquet is released as soon as blood starts to flow. Figure 1 General Instructions NOTE: Gloves should be worn for venipuncture procedure. 1. Select the tubes appropriate for samples desired. 2. Open needle package but do not remove needle shield ...

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Single plate conventional designs, even those having centering guides, require a backpressure and backflow to center the plate to the seat in order to get a non leakage adjustment. This feature becomes extremely risky in the event of reduced flow and the handling of gases at low pressure. Size Pressure by class according to ASME/ANSI B16.34 Ends

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important that all check valves provide positive, non-leaking backflow prevention. The wetted end (those parts that contact the solution being pumped) is constructed of SAN, PVC, TFE, Hypalon®, and polyethylene. These materials are very …

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Diect Vent Tankless Wate Heate Installation and Opeation ...


cetified fo the appliance. • Should oveheating occu o the gas supply fail to shut off, tun off the manual gas contol valve to the ... supply system, such as one having a backflow pevente in the cold wate supply line, means shall be povided to contol themal expansion.

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14 GPM - Dosatron


i.e. backflow prevention, etc. - When connecting the DOSATRON to the water supply, ensure that the water flows in the direction of the arrows on the unit. - In a case where the water installation is higher than the DOSATRON itself, there is a possible risk of water and concentrate flowing back through the DOSATRON. In

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2019 Energy Code (Energy Standards) Water Heating ...


Recirculation loops serving multiple dwelling units, high-rise residential, hotel/motel, and nonresidential occupancies must meet/have all of the following: A. Air release valve or vertical pump installation B. Recirculation loop backflow prevention C. Equipment for pump priming D. Pump isolation valves

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valves, standpipes, backflow preventers, gauges, hose connections and cabinets, and all other similar and required components. The University can provide a sample of the report when requested. F. Maps: Per the University requirements (and …

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MIxIng vAlveS


Feb 27, 2014 · and includes: ball valves, butterfly valves, backflow prevention devices, water pressure reducing valves, mixing valves, safety relief valves, water gauges, strainers, vacuum breakers, valve actuators and more. Conbraco’s vertically integrated manufacturing ensures a consistency of production, testing, quality and availability.

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5-1.31 Cross-connection control ... Backflow prevention device tester (or “tester”) means a person who has met the certification ... service connections used by year-round residents or regularly serves at least 25 year-round residents. (o) Comprehensive Performance Evaluation (CPE) is a thorough review and analysis of a

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SPECIFICATION AND SUBMITTAL GB-75 - schierproducts.com


150º F), a drain water tempering valve (DTV) and approved backflow prevention assembly must be installed. Most state and local plumbing codes prohibit water above 150º F being discharged into the sanitary sewer. Water above 150º F will weaken or deform PVC Schedule 40 pipe, poly drainage fixtures like interceptors and erode

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Breaker Backsiphonage Prevention Assembly, or Spill-Resistant Pressure Vacuum Breaker Backsiphonage Prevention Assembly, of a make, model, orientation, and size approved by the Authority. Assemblies listed in the currently appr oved backflow prevention assemblies list developed by the University of Southern California,

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valve and backflow preventer as shown or required by ahj. verify invert and slope of incoming sanitary sewer before trenching. 5. refer to riser diagrams and plumbing fixture schedule for all piping and pipe sizes not shown on plan. 6. sanitary and storm sewer piping shown is based on 1/4" per foot fall for all pipe smaller

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One- and Two-Family Private Residences


• Location of incoming service, curb box valve, sprinkler alarm, floor control valves, inspector test tee – BC §903.1.2, 903.3.1 • Sizes for riser and branch piping BC §903.1.2, §903.3.1 • Backflow prevention for new sprinkler service BC §903.3.5 • 20 sprinkler head limit if off domestic service – BC §903., §903.3.1

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2015 Plumbing Rough In Checklist - MyBuildingPermit


Backflow prevention for protection from fire-sprinkler, irrigation systems, or other cross connection/contaminations. (UPC 603 and WA. State Cross-Control Manual) Water service buried deep enough to protect from freezing. Minimum is typically 18” or 12” below frost level, but varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. (UPC 609.1)

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4.3 Installation Requirements 38 4.3.1 Humidifier Mounting 38 ... Accessory relay board Allows enabling/disabling of accessory devices such as fans ... Backflow prevention Integrated air gap in fill cup provides protection for supply water systems. ...

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Low Pressure Sewer Systems Using Environment One Grinder …


Low pressure sewer systems have become feasible with the availability of the Environment One grinder pump, the reliability of which has been proven in almost 40 years of service. The grinder ... backflow from discharge lines by an integral check valve. …

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procedures. B. If pipe, insulation, or equipment to remain is damaged in appearance or is unserviceable, ... When temporary water is required, an approved backflow device shall be used and testing reports from device shall be sent to FMO plumbing foreman for verification.

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UFGS 22 00 00 Plumbing, General Purpose - WBDG | WBDG

www.wbdg.org Wall-Mounted Water Closet Gaskets 3.3.6 Backflow Prevention Devices 3.3.7 Access Panels 3.3.8 Sight Drains 3.3.9 Traps 3.3.10 Shower Pans General Metal Shower Pans Plasticized Chlorinated Polyethylene Shower Pans Nonplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Shower Pans

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County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 121, Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention for more information about cross-control measures. Potable water mains must not be installed …

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Fees associated with fire prevention and permits are indexed on an annual basis using the ... site containment backflow preventer ... Electronic Filing System Reporting Fee previously included within municipal code $12 per report Maintenance of …

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Form 9 Registration & report on inspection and testing of ...


Appendix: (to be nominated by the tester) Appendix A: Registered air gaps and registered break tanks Appendix C: Pressure-type vacuum-breaker Appendix D: Reduced-pressure-zone backflow prevention device Appendix E: Double check-valves Appendix F: …

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67C Series Instrument Supply Regulators


pressure if inlet pressure is lost or drops below the setpoint of the regulator. For example, if the regulator is installed on equipment that at times has no flow demand but is expected to backflow on loss of inlet pressure. The Types 67CFR and 67CFSR can be ordered with the Smart Bleed option which includes an integrated soft seat check valve.

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