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Top Load Washer Cycle Guide


Use with affresh® Washer Cleaner tablet or liquid chlorine bleach to thoroughly clean the inside of your washer. This cycle should not be interrupted. See “Washer Care” in the “Washer Maintenance and Care” section of your Owners Manual. IMPORTANT: Do not place garments or other items in the washer during the Clean Washer with ...

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•Utensil washer-sanitizer •Ultrasonic cleaner •Washer sterilizer •Dishwasher •Washer disinfector Washer/disinfectors are very effective (>5 log10 reduction) in removing/inactivating microorganisms from instruments William A. Rutala, PhD, MPH

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Quick Start Manual - Alliance Laundry System


Position and level washer – adjust front two legs. Tilt washer forward and back to set rear legs. • Place four rubber feet on leveling legs 6. Connect washer to electrical power – on individual branch circuit. Refer to serial plate for electrical ratings. 7. Run washer through one complete cycle to make sure it is operating properly. Welcome

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Structural Bolts Feb-26-09 DONE - Fastenal


DTI Assembly Squirter DTI Washer ASTM F959 (Standard Specification for Compressible-Washer Type Direct Tension Indicators for Use with Structural Fasteners) standard and has both A325 and A490 washers. These bumps are flattened as the fastener is tightened. A feeler gage is used to measure the gap developed by the bumps.

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Orthopaedic Reusable Devices - English - Zimmer Biomet


May 26, 2015 · same step (e.g. washer/disinfector equipment). Manual cleaning: cleaning without the use of an automated washer or washer/disinfector. Processing/reprocessing: activity including cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, necessary to prepare a new or used medical device for its intended use.

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9 M-120 Venturi extractor 10 M-122 Throttle shaft bushing remover ... _/ Complete Parts Reference Numbers 1) Separate the throttle body and bowl by bending tab washers (1) and removing bowl ... thrust washer (22), and packing (23). Remove mixture control valve (24), horseshoe washer (25), and gasket (26). Remove float valve seat (27) and gasket ...

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Manual LG Smart Washer


LG Smart ThinQ is a service that manages the appliances in your home. You can remotely control your washer after registering the ThinQ ID through the display found on front of the product. Follow the steps below to register your product. If the washer is already connected to Wi-Fi then skip to step 2. 6 2. Getting ready to use LG HomeChat Step 1.

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Home Topload Washers Parts Manual - Alliance Laundry


Parts www.alliancelaundry.com Home Topload Washers Refer to Page 3 for Model Numbers TLW24C_204891 Part No. 204891R3 August 2021

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File in Section: 06 - Engine Service Bulletin Bulletin No ...


FLUID, P/S 1 88861037 - US 19264717 - CAN FLUID, A/TRANS 1 12378521 - US 88901148 - CAN SEALANT, RTV 1 12356150 - US 10953485 - CAN REFRIGERANT, A/C (R134A)-Parts Information Part B Part Number Description Quantity 12630941 Washer, Camshaft Thrust (Aisin Actuator 5 screw design) 2 per Cylinder Head 12632859 Washer, Camshaft Thrust (Delphi ...

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Samsung Front Load Electric Dryer with Steam Sanitize+


Samsung Front Load Electric Dryer with Steam Sanitize+ 7.5 cu. ft. Capacity DOE Area: 48 in. 2 Closet or Door Area: 24 in. 2 3" 3 "6 781/ 2 " 515/ 16 1" 1 "1" 71/ 8 * 31 3 / 8 " 2. With stacked washer and dryer Installation Specifications If the washer and dryer are installed together or the dryer alone, the closet front must have two

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NORD-LOCK WASHERS - torq.co.jp


nord-lock washers ノルトロックワッシャー / 世界初のウェッジロック製品 japanese • metric

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Duet Washer - Whirlpool


Standpipe drain system - wall or floor (view A & B) The standpipe drain requires a minimum diameter standpipe of 2" (5 cm). The minimum carry-away capacity can be no less than 17 gal. (64 L) per minute. The top of the standpipe must be at least 30" (76.2 cm) high and no higher than 96" (2.4 m) from the bottom of the washer.

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Single Unit LG WashTower™ with Center Control™


4.5 cu. ft. Front Load Washer and 7.4 cu. ft. Dryer PRODUCT FEATURES Ultra Large Capacity 4.5 cu.ft. Washer and 7.4 cu.ft. Dryer Single Unit WashTower™ Design Built-In Intelligence - AI Fabric Sensors/Smart Learner/Smart Pairing™ Advanced Washing & Drying - TurboWash™ 360°/Allergiene™ wash cycle/ TurboSteam™

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5786 - RTC-8050 II Tech Data - Link-Belt Cranes


Extra-large fixed front window with windshield wiper and washer ... and washer Rotating beacon/Strobe Cab floodlights light - optional ... ground crew when crane is approaching maximum load capacity with a series of green, yellow, and red …

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Horizon T101-5 Owners Manual


treadmill owners manual manuel du propriÉtaire du tapis roulant manual del propietario de la caminadora ... b spring washer 8.2x15.4x2t 4 c flat washer 4 2 a b c. 12 assembly step 3 a open hardware for step 3. b attach lead wire to bottom end of console cable. pull lead wire through right

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2013 Scheduled Maintenance Intervals - Audi USA


Wiper/Washer/Headlight Washer – check adjustment and function, add fluid if necessary l l l Interior Lights – check all interior lights, glove box illumination, control lights and MMI (if applicable) l Front Lighting – check function of parking lights, low beams, high beams, fog lights, blinkers and hazard lights l l

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Section 8 Decontamination IPCG 2012 - Health Service Executive


These units will have instrument tracking systems and use proper validated, automated cleansing and sterilisation procedures. Where sterile equipment is required and access to a such a unit is unavailable, ... directly into the bedpan washer. 1. Clean and heat disinfect in bedpan washer-disinfector.

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10 Thermocouple Probe M117836 M117836 11 Flame Sensor M117837 M117837 12* Sight Window M117255 M117255 13 High Limit Switch P323828 P323828 ... 7 Flat Washer - #10-31 (2) P127300 8 Machine Nut - #8-32 w/Washer (2) P041100 9 Blower Body 9C102 10 Motor Mount Grommet (2) P321078 11 Strain Relief Bushing P012900

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Samsung Smart Front Load Washer with Super Speed


Dimensions: 27" x 383/ 4" x 31 3/ 8" Weight: 201 lbs Shipping Dimensions & Weight (WxHxD) Dimensions: 29 3/ 8" x 42 / 8" x 341/ 8" Weight: 205 lbs Area: 48 in.2 Closet or Door Area: 24 in. 2 3" 3 "6 781/ 2 " 515/ 16 1 "1" 1" 71/ 8 * Dimensions 2. With stacked washer and dryer 313/ 8 27" "52" 383/ 4 " 5211/ 16 5" Depth with door open 90 Required ...

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Power Washer - Generac Power Systems


Insert and snap nozzles into spaces provided in handle. Figure 2-4. Insert Nozzles 5. See Figure 2-5 to install battery. Figure 2-5. Install Battery Add Engine Oil Unit is shipped with no oil in the engine. Add engine oil before starting. See Engine Oil Recommendations. 1. Place power washer on a level surface. 2. Verify oil fill area is clean. 3.

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Pre-Charging Instructions - Parker Hannifin


3 O-Ring / Sealing Washer 4 Gas Valve Core 5 Hex Jam Nut 6 Protective Cap 7 Hydraulic Port Assembly 8 Hex Jam Nut /Locking Ring 10 Hydraulic Port Spacer 12 Anti-Extrusion Ring 14 O-Ring 16 Backup Ring 18 Backup Washer (Metal) 25 Backup Ring (2" Stem Only) 26 Gas Valve 27 O-Ring (2" Stem Only) 29 Gas Valve Cap Suggested Approximate Torque Values

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Assembly and Tensioning of High Strength Bolts and Nuts ...


Squirter DTI load indicating washers - The second type of load indicating washer is the “Squirter DTI” supplied by Hobson Engineering. As the bolt is tensioned, a calibrated amount of orange silicone appears from under the DTI’s squirt locations.

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Health Technical Memorandum 05-01: Decontamination in ...


Automated cleaning: washer-disinfectors . Using a washer-disinfector Records. Considerations for cleaning handpieces Automated cleaning: ultrasonic cleaning . Ultrasonic cleaning procedure Manual cleaning . Avoiding instrument damage Cleaning procedure summary. Rinsing of instruments after cleaning and or disinfection. Decontamination: Health ...

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Gas Log 101 Troubleshooting


• Replace the protective cap screw and washer if applicable. Note: Pilot flame should encircle the generator tip, which is preset at the factory. (See figure below) Generator Pilot Hood Make sure flame points to generator tip only Pilot Adjustment Screw Adjusting Pilot Flame Screw Checking Millivolts Using Multimeter 1 1- Un-thread thermocouple

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luminaire, wall washer 2' x 2' lay-in troffer 2' x 4' lay-in troffer luminaire pole mounted photocell motor hp = horsepower rating full load amps as noted equipment/instrument locator exposed conduit exposed conduit hidden behind walls, floors or other structures underground conduit, direct buried or in ductbank conduit vertical change in ...


Military Standard Preparation for and Installation of ...


washer of 5052 aluminum alloy with not less than an over-lap of 0.125 . to 0.25 inch shall be used in addition to TT-P-1757 primer. Other sealing compounds, such as materials conforming to MIL-S­ ... thermocouple controlled temperature heater blocks are used, the heater blocks shall be tight on the dies at operating temperature.

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awnings, furnace, refrigerator, TVs, DVD players, range/oven, washer/dryer, roof A/Cs. WINTERIZATION Basic #987002..... Members SALE $99.99 Reg. $109.99 Complete #987003 ..... Members SALE $149.99 Reg. $164.99

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Thermocouple Selection Guide - RS Components


Locating a thermocouple on a surface can be achieved in various ways including the use of an adhesive patch, a washer and stud, a magnet for ferrous metals and pipe clips. Examples of surface sensing thermocouples are shown below: Discover more at www.rs-online.com 7

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English Français Español Português - ResMed


cleaning products may damage the mask, its parts and their function, or leave harmful residual vapours. Do not use a dish washer or washing machine to clean the mask. • When fitting the mask, do not overtighten the headgear as this may lead …

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Dodge 6.7 EGR Delete Kit - Canadian Diesel Online


1 M10 Washer 4 M8x25 Cap Screws ... Install rear block‐off plate. Install 1/8” pipe plug if no thermocouple is required. ...

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Safety S Sport Sport+ GT-Line - Kia


Active Safety11 LFA (Lane Following ... Front wiper & washer ... designs and prices of products referred to in this sheet without incurring any liability whatsoever to any purchaser or prospective purchaser of any such products. Some of the items herein …

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5/04/05 RM2652 921144139 921144140 Refrigerator Parts List


25 3858010071 A B Washer, 12.5 x 18.5 x 1 32 2930697079 A B Burner w/conductor 33 2932781012 A B Electrode w/conductor 38 2007419217 A B Jet, #58 43 2932052018 A B Thermocouple 44 2801043015 A B Nut 45 3850415013 A B Power module, universal 47 2954542037 A B Conductor, PCB 48 2931863035 A B Conductor, thermistor 49 2954539017 A …

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Condor Single Trigger Extractor Model - Stoeger Industries


Extractor Lateral Ribs Intermediate Sight Screw-in Choke Tubes Forearm Assembly Forearm/Rod Iron Cocking Lever Cocking Lever Pin Forearm Lock Forearm Lock Spring Forearm Lock Pin Wood Forend Forend Washer Vertical Forend Screw Horizontal Forend Screw Frame Assembly Frame Frame Tail Trunnion Pin Lever Lock Pin Top Lever Spring Top Lever Pin-2 1 ...

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User manual


2 Control panel 5 Water Inlet (Steam model only) 3 Door 6 Duct Exhaust Accessories (Steam model only) “Y”-connector Short inlet hose Long inlet hose Rubber Washer DV425000_DC68-03381A.indd 8 2013-12-19 1:07:10

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Personal Services Standards - Alberta


steam sterilizers, and instrument washer-disinfectors. Notification to Regional Health Authority (RHA) 1.2 The operator of an existing personal service business must notify the RHA of: 1.2.1 the name and contact information of the operator of the business; 1.2.2 the address and location information where personal services are/will be

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Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare ...


Flushing- and Washer-Disinfectors Regulatory Framework for Disinfectants and Sterilants Neutralization of Germicides 4. Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities, 2008 Sterilization Steam Sterilization Overview Mode of Action Microbicidal Activity Uses

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Pressure Washer Hot Gasoline, 4 gpm, 1000 psi, Portable, 8 HP $8.90 $8.60 Gasoline, 5 gpm, 3000 psi, Portable, 16 HP $11.60 $11.10 Rotary Mower PTO, Type: Rotary(Rear mounted), 10ft Blade, 90 HP $16.00 $15.30 PTO, Type: Rotary(Side mounted), 5.5ft Blade, 50 HP $12.90 $12.40 Rubber Tired Brush Cutter

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3M™ Safety-Walk™ Technical Data Sheet Revision K, March ...


Fluid (Skydrol 500B) NR NR R R R I R NR Peanut Oil RR R R R R R R Methyl Ethyl Ketone II I I I I I NR Mineral Spirits R R NR I I NR NR NR Gasoline (Unleaded) NR NR IC NR NR NR NR NR 25% Sulfuric Acid Water RR I R R IC R R 50% Antifreeze in Water RR R I R R R R Windshield Washer Fluid RR R R R R R R Diesel Fuel RR I I I I NR NR Salt Water RR R R ...

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2019 VW Maintenance Schedule - All Models except e-Golf


Windshield wiper/washer system: Check for damage, function and adjust spray nozzle if necessary, fluid level, and freeze protection Wiper blades: Bring into service position, check for damage, and check park position. 2 Revised 11262019 Extended Maintenance

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Fitting Threads - Parker Hannifin


port. Sealing is provided by an O-ring or a sealing washer. Thread designation • M depending on the diameter and pitch in millimetres, separated by a multiplication sign, in accordance with standards ISO 68-1 and ISO 965-1. Example: metric thread diameter 7 with a pitch of 1 mm = M7x1 There are two types of "Pipe" profile threads:

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2. Wiper and washer switch (P. 2-41) 3. Windshield (P. 8-17) 4. Power windows (P. 2-68) 5. Door locks (P. 3-4) NISSAN Intelligent Key® (P. 3-2) Keys (P. 3-2) 6. Mirrors (P. 3-28) Side camera (if so equipped) (P. 4-17) 7. Tire pressure (P. 8-28) Flat tire (P. 6-3) Tire chains (P. 8-28) 8. Headlight and turn signal switch (P. 2-44) Replacing ...

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44 844065002 3/8-16 stover lock nut 45 835549002 1/4-20 jam nut 46 844073002 1/2-13 stover locknut 47 840039002 10-24 flex nut tn 48 948761112 5/16 washer 49 710501004 fittng-almte 50 880239140 screw 1/4 x 1/2 lg. shoulder bolt 51 843139002 nut, keps ext. lkwshr (#10-24) 52 718506006 elbow - st 90 de. 6 1/4 53 070007761 brkt.spot respot spring ...

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5 9102091 nut, disconnect lock 2 ea 6 056879 bolt, hex head (1/2”-20nf x 1-1/4”) 4 ea 7 011643 washer, lock (1/2”) 4 ea 8 041582 nut (1/2”-20nf) 4 ea 9 9103168 housing (w/o brake) 1 ea 10 v61011600 cup, outer bearing 1 ea 11 v61011700 cone, outer bearing 1 ea

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WA52A5500AW I WA52A5500AV I WA52A5500AC Samsung


Samsung 5.2 cu. ft. Large Capacity Smart Top Load Washer with Super Speed Wash White WA52A5500AW Available Colors Brushed Black WA52A5500AV WA52A5500AW I WA52A5500AV I WA52A5500AC Champagne WA52A5500AC

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REFRIGERATOR USER INSTRUCTIONS W10422737A You can be killed or seriously injured if you don't immediately follow instructions. ... and evenly so the washer makes a watertight seal. Do not overtighten. 7. Slip the compression sleeve and compression nut on the copper tubing as shown. Insert the end of the tubing into the

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P312 Call a POISON CENTRE or doctor if you feel unwell. P305 + P351 + P338 IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. P312 Call a POISON CENTRE or doctor if you feel unwell. P337 + P313 If eye irritation persists: Get medical advice or attention.

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Quick Start Manual - Alliance Laundry System


Operating - Washer 1. Prepare laundry 2. 5. Set cycle 6. Set temperature 7. Set options 8. Press start/pause 3. Load laundry 4. Close lid 5. Set cycle Operating - Dryer 2. Clean lint filter by wip-ing lint out of screen area (if using lint filter cover, remove first) 1. Prepare laundry 6. Set fabric selector 7. Set extended tumble, if desired 8 ...

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B Problem Solving Quick Reference Guide C Domestic Model Wiring Diagram ... A mixer in good running condition will start turning ... The rear motor bearing has a felt washer which has been presoaked in oil. The front motor bearing in the mixer housing is a ball bearing. SECTION 1

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SANTRO - Hyundai USA


Rear washer & wiper - - - - - S Ticket holder - S S S S S Passenger vanity mirror - - - - - S Rear seat bench folding S S S S S S Remote fuel lid open S S S S S S Remote tailgate open S S S S S S Engine and trim plan MT - MT - MT & AMT MT 1.1 l Bi-Fuel (Petrol with CNG) - MT - MT - - …

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