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ansi 900# flange ansi 1500# flange ansi 2500# flange rec. torque ft. lbs hydro test pressure: 3355 psi hydro test pressure: 5585 hydro test pressure: 9280 psi ***ramco®manufacturing does not take any responsibility for any of these torque values, they are theoretical values & should be utlilized for reference only.




2 7463-000 22000-001 22000-001 Flange mounting (2 Bolt) 1 7464-000 22000-002 22000-002 Flange mounting (4 Bolt) 3/8-16 UNC 1 — 22000-006 22000-006 Flange mounting (4 Bolt) M10 x 1,5 1 — 22000-004 22000-004 Flange mounting (2 Bolt SAE B) 1 — 22000-005 22000-005 Flange mounting (4 Bolt magneto) 1 X 3 9121-002 9121-002 9121-002 Seal, exclusion 1

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Grayloc Product Catalog - WOODCO USA


Grayloc vs. Flanges W.P. Diameter Length Weight Size Connection (psi) (inches) (inches) (pounds) 3" Grayloc Connector 6,593 6.875 6.750 37 ANSI 1500 Flange 3,705 10.500 9.250 121 API 5000 Flange 5,000 10.500 8.625 92 6" Grayloc Connector 6,359 12.000 9.500 144 ANSI 1500 Flange 3,705 15.500 13.500 407 API 5000 Flange 5,000 15.500 14.250 365

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CLASS 300# FLANGE DIMENSIONS: ANSI B16.5 1/16” Raised Faced - Also Mate with ANSI B16.1 250# Flat Faced Flanges Size: Flange Diameter Flange Thickness: Bolt Circle Diameter: Bolt Hole DiameterNumber : of Bolt Holes Diameter of Bolts Length of Stud : Bolts: Fraction: Decimal Fraction: Decimal Fraction: Decimal Fraction: Decimal Fraction ...

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Vacuum Technology and Vacuum Design Handbook for …


• Top and bottom flanges to have integrated structural support rim which becomes the flange and seal for chamber base and top (user) flanges. • Ports must be a suitable length to ensure unobstructed insertion for screws into flanges. Suitable weld preparation must allow for adequate weld penetration. See Welds below.




Secure the flange in place using approved screws and possibly anchors for your application. Screws should pass through the finished floor and be secured into the subfloor. Push the flange down onto the pipe until it is setting flush with or on top of the finished floor. Find the center of the flange and install the Johni-bolts. ©2020 Oatey SCS.

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Standards-based cylinders DNC, ISO 15552 TOC ... - Festo


Flange mounting Trunnion flange Trunnion flange kit Trunnion support Swivel flange SNC ... R3orrosion protection High c All external cylinder surfaces comply with corrosion resistance class 3 to Festo standard 940070. The piston rod is made from corrosion- and acid-resistant steel ... 160, 200, 250, 300, 320, 400, 500 10 ... 2000 h h h h h h 50 ...

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FLANGE ABOVE DN 600 ARE NOT INCLUDED IN ANSI B16.5 AND THE CLASS DESIGNATIONS IN THESE LARGE DIAMETERS DO NOT IMPLY SPECIFIC TEMPERATURE/PRESSURE RATINGS Inch/Metric Bolting interchangeable for ANSI B16.5 flanges as below FOR USE 2-½" M56 M64 1-5/8" M42 1-3/4" M45 2-¼" M72 1-7/8" 2" 2-¼" …

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ISO & NW Flanges & Fittings


ISO & NW Flanges & Fittings sales@nanotech-consulting.com www.nanotech-consulting.com +44 (0) 7702 585633. 1 3 5 I S O F l a n g e s & F i t t i n g s ISO NW ... A wide range of adaptors for connection to CF or KF flanges can be found in the Adaptor section. & Fittings IISSO FO Fllaannggeess

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880MP Series Nonmetallic Floor Boxes - DDS (Distributor Data …


Allows for mounting of a duplex style receptacle with a rectangular style flip lid cover. 3.156" (80.2mm) 4.182" (106.2mm) 3.156" (80.2mm) 4.182" (106.2mm) NOTE: Brass covers and flanges are not interchangeable with aluminum or nonmetallic covers and flanges. Nonmetallic covers are interchangeable with aluminum flanges. Country of Origin: China

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Gasket - Flexitallic


May 15, 2019 · flange, and the densification of the gasket material, prevents the escape of the confined fluid from the assembly. Flange Imperfections On seating, the gasket must be capable of overcoming the macro and micro imperfections. Macro defects are imperfections such as flange distortions, non-parallelism, scoring,


Steel– AISC Load and Resistance ... - Texas A&M University


1. The contribution of the flanges to shear capacity may be neglected. 2. y w F h t ≤418 where h equals the clear distance between flanges less the fillet or corner radius for rolled shapes. With these assumptions, the calculated strength becomes simple. Neglecting the flanges, all

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Rubber Expansion Bellows - Easyflex


Bolt the control unit plates to the outer side of the Companion flanges at the same time while the bolt is being installed through the split retaining ring / rubber flange / companion flange and the control unit / gusset plates. They are to be equally spaced …

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Technical Data Pressure Ratings, General Reference


Split Flange connections are non-threaded port ends which utilize O-Rings for sealing. They are assembled to ports with split flange clamp halves and clamping pressure is provided by screws or socket head cap screws of SAE Grade 8 or ISO Class 10.9 …

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Stainless Steel Flanges - Paramount Supply


150# Stainless Steel Flange Dimensions, cont. Nominal Size Min Thread Length (T) Depth of Socket (D) Diameter Hub at Bevel (A) Hub Diameter (X) Drilling Approximate Weight Bolt Circle Diameter Holes Number of Holes Weld Neck Sip-on Threaded & Socket Weld Lap Joint Blind 1/2 0.62 0.38 0.84 1.19 2.38 0.62 4 2 1 1 1 3/4 0.62 0.44 1.05 1.50 2.75 0 ...

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Garlock Metallic Gaskets


150# 300# EDGE® DF Flange * Not intended for use on slip-on and many light weight lap joint flanges. ** See chart on page 24. Gasket Style & Material "M" "Y" (psi) Gb (psi) "a" Gs (psi) Garlock EDGE® with 304 stainless and fledible graphite filler 2.00 5,000 793 0.4 0.31

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V46 Pressure-Actuated Water-Regulating Valve Product


Aug 17, 2021 · Figure 15: Flange type valves Table 1: Commercial service: V46 flange connection dimensions, in. ... Valve size Number of holes Hole size, in. Bolt circle, in. 3/4 in. 4 9/16 2 11/16 1 in. 4 9/16 3 1/8 1 1/4 in. 4 9/16 3 3/8 1 1/2 in. 6 9/16 3 15/16 2 in. 6 9/16 4 7/16 2 1/2 in. 6 9/16 5 Mounting the valve

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FWB Products Ltd 2020 Flange Tables & Gasket Materials


document stipulates that the bolts in flange joint sets must be of sufficient length to ensure that nuts are fully threaded w hen tightened with at least two threads showing when in their final tightened position. Also that washers must be used both under the head of …

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July 2021 Rosemount 8800D Vortex Flowmeter - Emerson …


Rosemount 8800 selection guide Rosemount 8800 Flanged vortex flow meter Wide range of flange ratings available Ideal for all applications from general purpose to the most demanding applications Available with ½ through 12 inch (15 mm through 300 mm) line sizes Rosemount 8800 Reducer vortex flow meter

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Mixed Flow Fans - Greenheck-USA


Model Comparison = Optional * = Peak, Filter-in as measured at the fan RPM. 5 QEI-100 QEI-200, 300 QEID-100 ... Companion Flange Inlet Guard Inlet Cone Wheel Companion Flange Outlet Guard Spring Base Isolator ... · Quick and easy to understand installation guide and troubleshooting video

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Masoneilan* 35002 Series Camflex* II - Valves


Parallel to pipeline, valve closes on stem extension. 2. Parallel to pipeline, valve opens on stem extension. 3. Perpendicular to pipeline, valve closes on stem ... 600 rated flanges (flange rating must be specified for 8 in.-12 in. (DN 200-300) valve for locator lug drilling and tapping)

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Taper-Lok Connectors - AFGlobal


With weight savings of up to 80% in comparison to ANSI flanges, our connection systems can typically save up to 1 million lbs. of weight on an offshore floating platform. Space Savings Space savings of up to 82% with smaller O.D. and length dimensions compared to ANSI/API flanges. Pipe runs are closer together to create more room for process

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Wheel Bearing Adjustment Procedures TMC RP618 - ConMet


Drive Axle Flange Nuts See axle manufacturer’s recommendations for proper drive axle nut torque. WARNING: Always tighten the top nut first to fully seat the brake drum on the drum pilot and against the hub face. See the adjacent diagram for bolt tightening sequence, and tighten in order from 1 through 8 or 10, depending on the bolt pattern.

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May 30, 2019 · -concentricity 12 point bolt flange diameter to shank ref: table ii. -concentricity is the condition where the median points of all diametrically opposed elements of a cylinder (or a surface of revolution) are congruent with the axis of a datum feature. a median point is the midpoint of a two point measurement.


RPS Pipe Fitting & Dimensions


Jan 09, 2014 · Fitting and Dimensions 5 BELLED FLANGES Adhesive Joint Belled F Note: When bolting FRP ˜anges to expansion joints with tie rods a steel backing ring is recommended behind the full face ˜ange (see pg 8.). For 8"-12" ˜anges a back-faced ˜ange must be speci˚ed (Standard 8"-12" ˜anges are spot faced for washers).

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7301726-100 cadet3st-notools-owners manual-pg1


Clean Flange Placa Limpia Before You Start: Antes De Comenzar La Instalación: For Assistance Call Customer Care at: (800) 442-1902 Para asistencia llame a Atención al cliente: (800) 442-1902 www.americanstandard.com Inside The Box: Dentro De La Caja: If Removing An Existing Toilet Quitando Un Inodoro Existente! Caution: If leaving floor flange

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Bolting & Ring Gasket Requirements for ANSI & API Flanges 13-2 Gaskets Type R Type Gasket 14-1 to 14-3 Type RX Type Ring Gasket 14-3 to 14-5 Threads, Markings, Platings & Coatings, Weights & Materials Unified Inch Screw Threads 15-1 to 15-5 ASTM & SAE Grade Markings for Steel Bolts & Screws 15-6

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flange and use a premium waterproof 100% silicone caulk. Do not anchor toilet through the material. BASEMENTS AND CRAWL SPACES RADIANT HEATED SUBFLOOR MOISTURE BARRIER/UNDERLAYMENT PADDING EXPANSION GAP TOOLS AND MATERIALS BASICS GENERAL TIPS Installation >

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Desiccant air dryers - Atlas Copco


Flanges connecting the vessels are integrated into the top and bottom shells, lowering the total unit height. 2 Stainless steel valves High-performance stainless steel ensure a long lifetime. 5 Filters • A pre-filter prevents oil contamination to increase desiccant lifetime. • An after-filter protects the airnet from desiccant

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exports steelcatalogue jul2021 NEW COLOURS


universal beams, parallel and taper flange channels 7 universal columns, joists ipe and rail sections 9 hot rolled tophat sections (shaft guides) 11 round bar, square bar and window sections 12 plates (commercial quality, wearplate 200, en 10025:2005 s355 jr / jo and vastrap) 14 sheets (hot rolled, cold rolled and galvanised) 16 technical data:

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Telephone Paging Amplifier - Bogen


level of the telephone page channel so that differences in the volume of the paging ... (3 screws mount the flange to the cover) and install them in a flipped over orientation. This position will provide adequate ventilation and centers ... Bridging Inputs Two RCA jacks in parallel are provided to ease interconnection of multiple amps.

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FlexPro KammProfile Brochure - Flexitallic


Engineering and R&D teams work closely together to design, develop and manufacture bespoke sealing solutions. We have been responsible for a number of truly revolutionary products, including Thermiculite ®, Sigma and the Flange Rescue Gasket, which ensure we are able to continually meet the ever more stringent requirements of our customers.

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The Fuller® 8LL Transmissions - Eaton


8-bolt PTO openings and ... **Lengths listed are from face of clutch housing to front bottoming surface of companion flange or yoke. SUPPOR T BACKED BY For spec’ing or service assistance, ... 4 7 1 3 LO LO-LO R RR Standard progressive “H” shift pattern only. (Previously

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Data Sheet 1009 2½fi, 3½fi Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges


-40 to 150°F (-40 to 66°C)-40 to 200°F (-40 to 93°C)-40 to 150°F (-40 to 66°C) Glycerin Fill ... Mounting Option: U-clamp, front or back flange Dampening: Liquid fill or PLUS™! ... Individual certified calibration chart C4 HY - Hydrostatic test - when attached to a diaphragm seal add HY code to gauge and seal product

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Backflow Prevention - Watts


B16.42, Class 150 SIZE (DN) DIMENSIONS WEIGHT (Standard Bypass only) ... Flow Chart on p. 60. 9 Series 406 Detector Check for Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems Size: 2" (50mm) ... • End Detail – 2 Bolt Meter Flange Pressure – Temperature Sizes: Mainline: 2" (50mm)

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Installation Manual: Micro Motion F-Series Coriolis Flow ...


• The sensor does not require external supports. The flanges will support the sensor in any orientation. 2.3 Temperature limits. Sensors can be used in the process and ambient temperature ranges shown in the temperature limit graphs. For the purposes of selecting electronics options, temperature limit graphs should be used only as a general ...

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COMPARISON GUIDE PM 0248N Pg. 1 CUSTOMER ... -24 24" Dia. Flange-45 45° Outlet-90 90° Outlet-( )L See 2910,2940, 2970 Series FLOOR DRAIN SUFFIXES (Contʼd) ZURN SMITH -( )W See 2922,2952 2982 Series-4 4" Dia. Funnel (See 3580) ...

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TJI 110, 210, 230, 360, & 560 Joists Specifier's Guide


Flange Widths: 1¾", 21 ... • Provides cost comparison perceived Floor performance 99.9 99.9%% 65 96% 96 % 55 84% 45 ... Trus Joist ® TJI Joist Specifier’s Guide TJ-4000 | May 2013

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Product Range - bonfiglioli.com


the foot or flange versions and can be completed with a wide range of electric motors entirely manufactured by Bonfiglioli. Asynchronous motors both IEC and compact (B-BE-BX/M-ME-MX), servomotors (BMD) and reluctance motors (BSR) can be coupled with the S Series. With the breadth of its portfolio,


Surge and Filter Specifications - Rockwell Automation


4983-DH product is connected in parallel. ... Bulletin 4983-PF is a panel (flange) mount filter product. The main function of the Bulletin 4983-PF filter is noise protection; it monitors and cleans the wave of high frequency noise disturbances that can cause premature aging.

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Safety during tyre inflation in motor vehicle repair - HSE


Restraint during tyre inflation is usually achieved by mounting on the wheel hub of the vehicle. Use a protective barrier, such as a wall, embankment or the side of ... Do check locking rings and flanges carefully before refitting and replace any that are damaged.

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Air handler installation manual


flanges are provided for field installation electrical connectios may exit top or either side high voltage connection 7/8”, 1-23/64”, 1-23/32” dia knock outs low voltage connection breaker switch (for electric heater only) vapor line connection copper (sweat) liquid line connection copper (sweat) auxiliary drain conncection 3/4”

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24 Flush Mount DeFlector Vent: sKMD24F0As - SharpUSA


5. Slide the drawer all the way back until the mounting flanges touch the cleats mounted in the cabinet opening. 6. Open the drawer. Using the 4 holes on the drawer as a template, pre drill the cabinet using a 1/16” (1.57 mm) bit. See Figure 4. Figure 3A Figure 4 Figure 3B 2. Install deflector as shown in Figure 3A. 7.

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Flanged Fittings Class 125 & 250 Specifications


Class 125 & 250 Cast Flanges Specifications • Grey iron castings conform to ASTM A126 and ASTM A48 • Companion flange dimensions conform to ASME B16.1 • Hot-dipped galvanized flanges conform to ASTM A153 • Companion flanges threads conform to ASME B1.20.1 • Manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2008.

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FLANGE PN 10 – Marcação NBR 7675/DIN PN 10


FLANGE PN 10 – Marcação NBR 7675/DIN PN 10 Furação compatível com as normas DIN 2673 / ISO 2531 /ISO CD 9624/ ABNT NBR 15593/ ABNT NBR 7675/EN 1092-1. Espessura conforme norma DIN. código FS = Flange Solto Dimensões em mm (E) Flange com dimensão especial. Fornecidos em aço SAE 1020 com pintura base tipo zarcão / revestimento

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Flange Dimensions Page # · ANSI B16.5 (1/2" - 24") - 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500 3 · ANSI B16.5 Weights - 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500 10 · ANSI B16.5 Flange Tolerances 13 · ANSI B16.5 Bolt and Stud Dimensions 14 · ANSI B16.47 Note & Bolt /Stud Recommendations 16 · ANSI B16.47 Series A - Class 150, 300, 400, 600, 900 17 · ANSI B16.47 Series B - Class …

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flange/bolt chart hex bolt size class d ring class e ring awwa c110 awwa c153 class f ring avk 350# gate valve 3" 4 5/8" x 2-1/2" 0.625 0.75 ± .12 0.60 ± .12 3" 8 3/4" x 3-1/2" 4" 8 5/8" x 3" 0.625 1.125 0.94 ± .12 0.63 ± .12 4" 8 3/4" x 3-3/4" 1.13 1.25 6" 8 3/4" x 3-1/4" 0.688 1.313 1.00 ± .12 0.63 ± .12 6" 12 3/4" x 4" 1.31 1.44


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