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Food Packaging History and Innovations - …

On Web 08/31/2009 2009 American Chemical SocietyJ. Agric. food ,57,8089 80928089 Packaging History and InnovationsSARAJ. RISCHS cience by Design, East Lansing, Michigan 48823 food Packaging has evolved from simply a container to hold food to something today that can playan active role in food quality. Many packages are still simply containers, but they have propertiesthat have been developed to protect the food . These include barriers to oxygen, moisture, andflavors. Active Packaging , or that which plays an active role in food quality, includes somemicrowave Packaging as well as Packaging that has absorbers built in to remove oxygen fromthe atmosphere surrounding the product or to provide antimicrobials to the surface of the has allowed access to many foods year-round that otherwise could not be preserved. It isinteresting to note that some packages have actually allowed the creation of new categories in thesupermarket.

Article J. Agric. Food Chem.,Vol. 57, No. 18, 2009 8091 that the carbonation would be lost via permeation through the PET as a smaller bottle …


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