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Electrical Safety Testing Reference Guide - psma.com

Electrical Safety Testing Reference Guide ISO 9001 Certified 5 Clock Tower Place, 210 East, Maynard, Massachusetts 01754. TELE: (800) 253-1230, FAX: (978) 461-4295, INTL: (978) 461-2100. http:// 2. Preface In the Electrical product business, product Safety compliance is an impor- tant issue for several reasons. Manufacturers and distributors want to sell safe products . Consumers want to buy products with the assurance that they won't be exposed to hazards. Product quality, reliability, user Safety and company liability issues are real consequences of doing business today. Regardless of your specific interest in Safety Testing , it is important for you to have a general understanding of product Safety requirements and how they affect your device.

Feb 28, 2001 · 4 Preface 3 Overview 5 Product Safety 5 Electrical Shock 5 Worldwide Regulatory Compliance 6 United States 6 Canada 7 European Union 7 Typical Product Safety Standards 9


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